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pbElectrical - a division of PBSA

Power Solutions

Protect and keep your production equipment powered-up at all times with pbElectrical.

pbElectrical - a division of PBSA

Electrical Services

Professional electrical installations, services and maintenance for your business.

pbElectrical - a division of PBSA

Power Efficiency Solutions

The latest technologies to convert your business to LED lighting and Solar power.

pbElectrical | Overview

The latest addition to leading customer communication firm PBSA, pbElectrical, provides electrical contracting services and products, as well as a range of add-on services, to corporates and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The division offers existing PBSA customers complementary turnkey solutions, as well as offering new clients holistic electrical and related products and services, backed by a certified ISO 9001 quality management system.

Running existing PBSA equipment?

We understand demanding production environments, so our engineers have put together specially designed backup-power solutions that will protect your equipment against spikes and keep them running, even through the most demanding power outages.

Contact us today for a free, professional assessment of your equipment and related backup-power requirements for your business.

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Electrical Products and Services


Power Solutions

We all know that power outages are more than just an annoyance – they can have seriously adverse effects on your day-to-day life and business productivity.

  • Backup Power Features & Benefits

    pbElectrical’s backup systems are more than just a stopgap measure in the event of a power failure – something that has become a stark reality in South Africa – they are fully fledged solutions that guarantee continuity, making outages a thing of the past.

    Comprising inverters and batteries, pbElectrical’s backup units have extensive applications, but are ideally suited for businesses or institutions that simply cannot afford downtime, such as hospitals, data centres, call centres and manufacturing plants.

    Besides the obvious advantage of continuity, which gives surety when it comes to critical equipment like computers or factory production lines, pbElectrical’s backup units offer a host of other benefits, including:


    Electronics within pbElectrical backup systems ensure alternate power kicks in exactly when and as needed.


    Technology embedded in pbElectrical’s backup units is configured to “notify” the device as soon as an alternate source of power becomes necessary. This ensures adequate shut-down time and safeguards equipment and mains systems from falling prey to malfunctions or power surges, which can have devastating effects on businesses’ assets.

    Clean Power:

    pbElectrical’s backup units will always supply equipment with clean power.

    Cost Savings:

    Having backup units installed means lower repair costs – not only on PBSA equipment, but on any equipment that relies on electricity. Additionally, the lifespan of valuable equipment is significantly extended by protecting it against a volatile power supply.

    In a domestic setting,

    backup units are more than just handy, they are crucial, especially where infants or those with medical conditions are concerned, as well as in terms of household security systems that rely on electricity. They also protect your pocket by preventing wastage caused by refrigerator and freezer contents going bad.

  • Inverter Range

    An inverter is basically an electronic device that converts battery power into 230Vac (normal house power), ensuring constant power output and eliminating over or under voltage variances.

    Power issues, such as those experienced in South Africa due to load-shedding, cable theft, under or over voltage and power spikes, cause significant component damage and end up costing businesses, in particular, a lot of money.

    This is where the inverter range comes in. pbElectrical offers three distinct systems:

    UPS Range:

    This is essentially an inverter with batteries, which only provides 5 to 10 minutes of backup time, depending on the load.

    Inverter Backup Range:

    A plug-and-play system consists of a battery bank and inverter offering extended backup time, or a fixed installation unit consists of a large battery bank and 1 or multiple inverters.

    AVR (automatic voltage regulator) system:

    This regulates the power and gives clean and constant output power without backup capabilities. This is primarily used for protection purposes.

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Electrical Services

Quality, professional installations on all our electrical products by certified electrical professionals. Get a free assessment on all your electrical and power equipment requirements.

Energy-efficient solutions

LED lights are extremely energy efficient and consume up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. Get pbElectrical to convert your businesses to be power and energy efficient .

  • LED Lighting

    pbElectrical offers a vast variety of LED lights, including bulbs, tube lights, flood lights, down lights, street lights, high bay lights, bulk heads and panel lights.

    LED (light-emitting diode) lights are the latest technology in energy-efficient lighting, with a string of advantages attributed to them.

    LED lights are exceptionally energy efficient, consuming up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. In turn, because LEDs only use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs, there is a considerable decrease in electricity costs. In addition, LED lights have a much longer lifespan, which means lower maintenance and replacement costs.

    With green thinking dominating much of the corporate and domestic world nowadays, LED lights are a huge boon, because they are free of toxic chemicals and 100% recyclable. They can help reduce your carbon footprint by as much as a third.

    And if those massive advantages were’t compelling enough reasons to go with LED, consider the following further benefits:

    LED lights are incredibly durable and can withstand the roughest of conditions. This means they are ideal for outdoor lighting systems.

    LED lights cause little to no UV emissions.

    LED lights can come in all shapes and sizes.

    They have flexible design features and can be customised according to pretty much any specification or desire.

    LED lights even allow for colour flexibility – think Cool White, Natural White, Warm White – or even a more dramatic red, green or yellow.

    LED lights are operational in very hot or very cold conditions.

    LED lights disperse light better than conventional bulbs. Because they are designed to focus light on specific locations without the use of external aid, LED systems can deliver light much more efficiently to the required setting.

    Unlike conventional lights, LED lights can be turned on and off many times without lifespan being reduced and they brighten up immediately when powered on.

    LED lights can run on low-voltage power supplies.

  • Solar panels

    Solar power is nothing new. Its benefits are well documented and its advocates numerous. At pbElectrical, we differentiate our solar panel products by their excellent cell efficiency and linear warranty. After 25 years of use, the client is guaranteed 80% efficiency.

    But why solar power? Solar power is the way of the future. Renewable energy sources like solar power are infinite – as opposed to fossil fuels, which draw on Earth’s limited resources.

    Solar power has over recent years emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of electricity; and there are a number of reasons for this:

    The sun is everlasting:

    Long before civilization as we know it began, the sun was shining. Over the years, people have become dependent on the energy generated by the sun – solar energy – as an unfailing source of light and heat. This energy is renewed daily with never-ending sunshine and solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity has grown fastest among all renewable energy in recent years.

    Gentle on the ecosystem:

    Harnessing the sun’s energy poses no threat to our health or to the environment. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas, are highly polluting as they release chemicals and toxic elements into the atmosphere, land or sea when they are mined, drilled or transported.

    Climate change mitigation:

    Conventional energy sources are known to release massive amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, which trap heat within the earth’s atmosphere and raise surface temperatures. Since the start of the industrial revolution, these have contributed towards unprecedented climate change. Results of this increase include extreme weather conditions worldwide, such as dry spells, droughts, wild fires, storms, hurricanes and flooding.

    Water conservation:

    A basic human need, water is a precious resource that has been found lacking in many dry and troubled areas. Hydro-power dams – another claimed “clean” source of electricity – are widely used as renewable energy sources. But often, homes and villages are destroyed or relocated to make way for dam projects. River systems are usually altered, which affects wildlife habitats and freshwater ecosystems.

    Silent as the sun:

    While wind turbines are excellent electricity producers, most are also great noise producers. Residents living within the vicinity of wind farms have reacted to high noise levels, something a number of people are unable to get used to even after a long time. PV panels are not considered a nuisance as there are no moving parts to generate friction or sound. The sun is quiet, and so are PV panels.

    Essentially, solar power is not only an unlimited and guaranteed source of electricity – it also saves you money and significantly decreases your carbon footprint.

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    LED Lighting

Other Services

pbElectrical also offer professional, electrical and other technical contracting services for an array of specialised services. We provide the contractors and offer an overall management of projects.

  • Overview


    Installation of all types of air-conditioners

    Installation of chillers

    Repairs on air-conditioning units

    Servicing of units

    Maintenance contracts

    Electrical Components:

    Add-on service for projects

    Sales to contractors

    • Light switches

    • Plugs

    • Electrical fittings etc.



    Alarm systems


    Access control

    Water Backup Systems & Filter Systems:

    Water backup systems

    Filtration systems

    Water harvesting options


    Dry walling

    Suspended ceiling


    Concrete flooring



    Add-on service for projects.

  • Certificate of Compliance (C.O.C)

    You must have a COC for electrical installations. Insurance purposes, Health and Safety purposes. If you want to sell the property, this is to state that the installation/building is tested and in accordance with the law.

    Lightning Protection:

    These are systems/modules installed inside your DB-board for protection against lightning strikes. These also include the erection of Lightning poles at sites where they are needed.

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Through innovation, pbElectrical deliver power solutions that keeps our customer's equipment and their businesses running without interruption throughout Southern Africa.

We all need power, but using it in the most efficient ways possible is what will create a sustainable future for us all.

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