PBSA (Pty) Limited (Pitney Bowes South Arfica)

PBSA - Pitney Bowes SA

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PBSA formaly Pitney Bowes SA
PBSA - formally Pitney Bowes SA

Business Process Automation Specialists

From Industrial Sorting, Packaging and Shredding to Digital Signing and Process Automation Solutions

PBSA pbOffice Shredders and Payslip folders

Specialised Office Equipment

Shredders, Payslip folders, Mailing, Inserting and Air purifying solutions

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Mail and Parcel Automation

Enterprise Production Solutions

Industrial Sorting and Parcel Logistics Automation

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Digital Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Digital Signature Document workflow, Onboarding, K.Y.C, Credit Bureau & Data Integration.

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PBSA Technical Services Pitney Bowes

Reliable Technical Support

Technical support services on all PBSA hardware products

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Energy Efficiency Soluions

High-tech medical and data centre energy solutions

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PBSA Head Office | South Africa

With a rich history of innovation dating back over 90 years, PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes South Africa) is a leading customer communications company, offering software, equipment and services to help companies improve operational efficiencies and connect with their customers in more meaningful ways.

Based in Midrand, Gauteng, PBSA understands both hardware and software solutions and is optimally positioned to provide a secure, committed support infrastructure to its Southern African customer base. The company’s solutions help companies engage customers, gain business insight, manage document workflow and ultimately optimise overall business performance.

More About Us

Specialised Office Equipment

PBSA - Office Products

Visit pbOffice website

  • High-security shredders
  • Specialised office shredders
  • Pressure sealers
  • Franking Machines
  • Mail, folding & inserting
  • Air purifiers & humidifiers

IndustriaL Sorting Solutions

PBSA Production

Visit pbProduction website

  • Mailing solutions
  • Industrial Sorting solutions
  • Packaging solutions
  • Print finishing
  • Paper handling
  • Printing solutions

Digital, Software and Cloud

PBSA - Office Products

Visit pbDigital website

  • Credit Risk Management solutions
  • Digitisation of paper-based processes
  • Cryptographic PKI security solutions
  • ECM & document management integration
  • PlanetPress business process automation

Credit Bureaux System

PBSA - Office Products

Visit pbVerify website

  • Multi-Credit Bureaux vetting system
  • API Identity and Credit verification
  • Digital Customer on-boarding
  • Know your customer (KYC) solutions
  • Paperless office and POPI solutions

SigniFlow - eSign Workflow

PBSA - SigniFlow

Visit SigniFlow website

  • SigniFlow secure digital signature workflow
  • On-premise or in-country servers
  • PKI cryptography specialists
  • Document and process management systems
  • High-trust security solutions

Energy Efficiency

PBSA - Electrical Services

Visit pbenergy

  • Energy efficiency solutions
  • Latest technology lithium-ion energy
  • Uninterupted data centre power
  • Built for high-demand medical energy
  • Instantaneous power switches

Technical Support Services

PBSA Technical Support Services

Visit pbService

  • Pitney Bowes authorised repairs
  • Technical resource outsourcing
  • Service level agreements
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Installation and training

We're a specialised business that is truly versatile. Our technologies, whether paper-based or digital or both, enable our customers to communicate more efficiently with their customers. The systems we supply and maintain are the best in the world, renowned for quality and best-of-breed leading technology.

- Michael Springer CEO - PBSA

Whether you're looking for ways to turn costly paper-based business processes into cost-effective and efficient fully digital workflows, or to streamline your mail, parcel and paper-handling production environments, you're in the right place. PBSA has the answer.